Debut of The Brady Goss Band

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Debut of The Brady Goss Band

Posted OnMay 25, 2012 0

Brady Goss Band

Yes, I finally have a band! We had a great debut at The Elgin Opera House Memorial Day Weekend.  The band consists of drummer Josh Baruch, bassist Tom Carper, and myself.  I’ll be honest I was preparing for a dismal turnout given it was Memorial Day Weekend, but within the hour the place filled up, even the balcony!

I was expecting 50, but instead we wound up with about 180 people in the intimate venue.  It was definitely the most fun I have had at a show in a long time.  The band and I felt very blessed to have such a great turnout, so if you were there and are reading this I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support.  I still get goose bumps from the noise of the crowd.

The band has now done a total of four shows and I really hope to book more, but for now I’m off to begin the fair circuit once again as a solo act.  Be sure to keep tabs on the web site and come see me at a show!


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