Hello everyone, here are the latest tales

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Hello everyone, here are the latest tales

Posted OnMay 29, 2013 0

It has been a promising last couple of months in early 2012.  I started off the year in beautiful Anaheim, CA where I showcased on a Monday night to The Western Fairs Association during the annual convention.

I had the privilege of sharing the stage with some other awesome talent including my friends “Cody Beebe and the Crooks”  and Cherish Lee who is the daughter of Johnny Lee who had the hit “Lookin for Love” from the movie Urban Cowboy.  Thanks to the showcase, I picked up some work including the 2012 late October Harvest Festival in San Diego.  From Anaheim I cruised I-5 north to Gearhart, OR of all places, to perform at a new McMenamins venue (for me) called Sand Trap Bar and Grill.

That turned out to be a fun and classy night, shortly after the crowd had to sit through what little comedy routine I could muster as I fixed a very loud and annoying buzz in the sound system.  It was your classic jazz lounge.  Nothing wrong with that!

From there I traveled to Seattle to collaborate with another promising acoustic singer/songwriter Joachim Nordennson who I would later do a show at Seattle’s Hard Rock Cafe.  I don’t know if we accomplished much but we got a feel for each others music and creative style while jamming.

We also played a lot of pool and drank a little beer.  I left Seattle a day early and found myself navigating a blizzard that stretched all the way from Seattle, over Snoqualmie Pass, and all the way through to my destination, Richland.

There I stayed with friends and rocked the house for The City of Richland Volunteers.  What a receptive crowd and a great night!  The next day I tore back across I-84 to a familiar McMenamins Grand Lodge where I was joined by Kathy and some of her friends, my biggest fan Steve and his lady-friend, my brother Steve and his lady-friend, and some other familiar faces from the Forest Grove area.

“Downtime”  definition- “downtime”: -hours and hours of practice + writing + phone calls + facebook + email multiplied by everyday of my life.  Yeah, after some “downtime”, I had the privilege of opening a couple shows for Jared Blake who did very well on NBC’s “The Voice” last season.

The shows were at the Elks Lodge in Walla Walla, WA and The Kenworthy Performing Arts Center.  He and his guys were a ton of fun to hang out with.  Some days passed and I flew from Portland to Tucson where I played and sang my guts out over a six-foot baby grand to a crowd of 180.

Kindly, they bought almost exactly the amount of CD’s I carried down with me.  They were also a very generous crowd donating over 500 dollars to the tip jar travel fund for Brandy Starmer.  That same night I tore up Tucson with one of my best high school friends Emma Rose Survis!  She’s going to college down there.

I flew back home and prepared for my most recent show at The Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle.  I was able to talk my dad into going, because sometimes I just need a little company on the road.  He was glad he went because he was able to witness probably the loudest crowd I have ever played to, and Grady Rawls my new video/media man got it all on tape! I’ll have a new promo video shortly to share with the world.  I am pretty excited about that.

Dad and I survived, by night, one more blizzard over Snoqualmie Pass (well, I survived, he just slept) and we are now getting ready for another Memphis recording session with legendary guitarist/engineer Roland Janes and Jerry Lee Lewis’s players.  Should have another album in short order! I’ll keep you posted on here and on my Facebook pages.

A little long winded, but it’s been an eventful January and February my friends! Have a great day! I am going to continue wearing out I-5, I-84 and whatever freeway, street or boulevard blankets my path. Later!


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