Legendary Roland Janes on Brady Goss


Legendary Roland Janes on Brady Goss

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December 2011

Roland Janes is a legendary studio guitarist from the pioneer days of Rock and Roll at Sun Studio in Memphis, TN.  He also toured with Jerry Lee Lewis and recorded guitar on Jerry’s big hit “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. Roland also recorded/engineered with the likes of Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison and many other great early artists. 

He is currently the sole engineer at Phillips Recording Service (the sister studio to Sun Studio)  and has been for many years.  There he has recorded a wide spectrum of artists from independents like myself, to some huge names such as Bob Dylan this year! WOW! I am so lucky to have such a friend in my corner.  He is literally the most humble human being I have ever met.  That is what I love about the guy most.

I try to be humble as well, but I know Roland didn’t say these kind words just to dissipate in the wind.  My modesty tells me to keep the compliments quiet, but the basis of this letter is of recommendation and needs to be read to help me on my music journey. (Plus it makes me feel ten feet tall and bulletproof!)

So read on and enjoy these segments from a lengthy letter from Roland Janes.

“Let me introduce you to a young man who has tremendous talent and great potential.  I first heard Brady Goss when he recorded a few songs with just vocals and the most natural greatness on piano I have heard only once in my long association with the so called business of music, and that was when I marveled at the unbelievable talent of Jerry Lee Lewis during our first of many sessions for Sun Records.

Brady has the same great gift of musical and vocal talent, plus the fire and determination that only the best possess.  His hands are a blur of speed and accuracy.  As you can see, I really believe in this twenty year old kid who has honed his skills since the age of six.  Jerry Lee was twenty one when I accompanied him on his first record.  I think Brady can record a hit and his charisma, good looks and natural ability can carry over into the world of acting.  All he needs is proper coaching and direction and in my humble time tested opinion, the skies the limit.

This kind of talent if very rare and only comes on the scene once or twice in a lifetime. For me, this is the second of two.”

Roland Janes

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